About this blog

German by birth, physicist by education, Christian by experience, I often look at the world around me wondering. Wondering, who God is. Wondering, what He thinks about us. Wondering, how to love him back. And the more I ask that question the more I seem to find glimpses of His presence, His character, and His love for us.

And in order to structure my thoughts, I started to write them down in this blog. So, to be honest, it is all for me. But feel free to read it. And maybe God uses it to talk to you. Then I don’t wonder alone, but for the both of us.

About me

Besides being a scientist and a christian, working as an engineer, I am a husband, a father to two wonderful children, and an theologically interested lay preacher living in Berlin, Germany.

I guess a lot of my friends see me as some kind of geek or nerd. But it seems I am likable enough for them to still talk to me once in a while. (Or it is just because I can fix their computers. I don’t know.)

And I love using my brain, learning and thinking. And that’s what I am doing here out loud, so to say.